R-1 Religious Worker Visas

The U.S. government has established a complex system of visas, with a variety of visas authorizing eligible workers to work legally in the United States. The R-1 Temporary Nonimmigrant Religious Workers visa is one of them. An R-1 is typically issued to a foreign national working for a nonprofit religious organization. Many of these organizations are churches.

To be eligible for an R-1 visa, you must demonstrate that you meet several criteria, which include at least two years of membership in the organization and the intent to work at least 20 hours per week in a ministerial or religious capacity. Numerous steps must be taken by your sponsoring organization, and you will be required to fill out numerous documents.

I Will Advise You And Work With Your Sponsoring Organization

At the office of Susan Saliba, Attorney at Law, in Dedham, Massachusetts, I work with ministers, priests, missionaries and other clergy members to help them obtain R-1 visas, and I advise their sponsoring organizations. I can help you by:

  • Completing all necessary paperwork for you
  • Guiding you through the expectations of the required site visit
  • Communicating with your sponsoring religious organization or order
  • Explaining typical time frames and costs
  • Addressing financial and tax concerns
  • Documenting required information about what your duties will be
  • Assisting with the Consular Processing of the visa at the overseas Embassy or Consulate
  • Filing R-1 visa extensions and eventual Permanent Residence if applicable

An experienced lawyer can help make a seemingly complicated and bureaucratic process easier.

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