J-1 Exchange Visitor Visas

J-1 visas are intended to be short-term visas for short-term work or an educational or cultural exchange. At Susan Saliba, Attorney at Law, I have helped numerous physicians through a complex immigration process. Many are seeking an opportunity to work in health care in the United States.

Professionals in all industries face numerous challenges in the application process and beyond that require the help of an experienced Norfolk County immigration lawyer.

Experience And Success In Exchange Visitor Visa Applications And Waivers

J-1 visas often have a two-year foreign residence requirement that prevents many workers from pursuing a longer-term H-1B visa. U.S. immigration law mandates that certain holders of these visas return to their home countries for two years upon the expiration of their statuses.

For clients who wish to remain in the U.S., I explore options in the form of waivers of the foreign residence requirement. While a challenging aspect of immigration law, I have been successful in securing waivers under certain circumstances that include:

  • Requests from interested U.S. government agency
  • Claims of persecution upon return to their countries of residence
  • Claims that a return to their countries of residence creates exceptional hardships to U.S. citizens or permanent resident spouses/children
  • Requests from a state public health department, specifically for foreign medical graduates in the country for graduate-level medical training

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