Asylum For People From Syria And Other Countries

Asylum is an important form of protection offered by the United States government. Each year, the U.S. grants asylum to thousands of people who cannot safely return to their home countries because of the hazards of war, unrest, persecution and other serious problems that have disrupted their lives and fractured their communities. Not all asylum cases are filed in court—if you are in a valid visa status, you might be eligible for affirmative asylum before an Asylum Officer.

Asylum can be granted for several reasons. If you believe you are eligible for asylum, you should talk to an immigration attorney about your situation.

Are You Eligible For Asylum?

I am Susan Saliba, an experienced immigration lawyer based in Dedham, Massachusetts. I can help you determine if you qualify for asylum in the U.S. if:

  • You believe you will be harmed or killed if you return home
  • You or your family have experienced past persecution, threats or harm in your home country
  • You are from a country where you or your family is part of a religious minority — and it's not safe to go back right now
  • Your ethnic group or race has been targeted, attacked or threatened
  • Your country is experiencing civil war
  • Your political affiliation is a source of danger
  • You believe your sexual orientation puts you at risk in your home country

I Work With Families From Syria And Other Parts Of The Middle East

The U.S. government has granted temporary protected status to people from Syria. This status will enable you to remain in the U.S. and get work authorization. If your family has experienced the effects of the crisis in Syria, my firm can help you.

I work with Syrians frequently to discuss the particulars of their cases, and the issues that are unique to the Middle East. I am an immigrant myself — my family is originally from Lebanon — so I understand the challenges you may be facing.

Contact Me To Learn More

Please contact me if you need the help of an immigration attorney. I can answer your questions and help you understand what options you have. I know the laws that apply to refugee matters.

I provide excellent personalized service. I offer flat fees and payment plans.