Susan Saliba, Attorney at Law

I am attorney Susan Saliba. I focus my legal practice on solutions to immigration challenges. My goal is to provide excellent service and practical solutions to individuals, families and companies. My firm is based in Dedham, Massachusetts. I serve clients throughout the Boston area and beyond.

Whether you are a student wanting to attend school, a professional looking for work in the United States, a citizen or permanent resident looking to bring family members to the U.S. or someone in a different situation, your immigration case has unique issues that require a tailored strategy. I am here to help you develop and execute that strategy.

Knowledgeable, Relatable And Committed To Real Service

I began practicing immigration law in 2005, starting in high-volume law firms. During that time, I began to see the value in establishing and operating a smaller immigration practice. As a solo practitioner, I am committed to providing a high level of service and building a genuine relationship with everyone I represent. I do not handle removal cases, which can keep a lawyer in court; rather, I concentrate on working with clients in my office, other office locations, and before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

I build trust with my clients by spending time with them and not rushing them out the door for my next appointment. As your attorney, I alone will attend to every detail of your case and remain at your side throughout the entire process of resolving your legal matter. Many of my clients have my mobile number; all of my clients receive the personal attention they need and deserve.

Contact me for a free, confidential consultation. I will give you an honest assessment of your case, a clear explanation of my fees and a prognosis regarding time frames and possible outcomes.